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Creative Consulting

Founded in 2008 by brothers Brennan and Tilman Gerald, DFFRNTWRLD® also operates as a brand solutions agency. We create innovative insights, shape consumer behavior, ignite influencer networks, curate iconic experiences, amplify advocacy, and report quantitative results.

“We basically just sat down and said…ok, how can we earn a living doing what we love? We both wrote down on paper the various things we are passionate about. From there we started structuring how to earn revenue from those passions. Before we realized it, we had created an entirely niche lifestyle, this was the birth of DFFRNTWRLD®.”


So exactly what do we do? We generate awesome ideas that transform casual brand interest into engagement decisions, while building relationships in the process. We convey brand messages using three mediums of engagement: content, experience, or product. Since DFFRNTWRLD® isn’t traditionally categorized as a graphic design firm or ad agency or media shop, we created two consulting options for each core area of expertise.

We use an experience-centered design approach to solve complex problems.

WRLDcom engagements deploy a multidisciplinary team to research, design, build and deploy solutions for companies and institutions of all sizes. In all cases, our work is intended to spark innovation—to find or create new or improved digital, cultural and physical interactions between clients, products and ecosystems. WRLDcom services are delivered with agile methodologies. For more information on this program, please email info@dffrntwrld.com or call our studio 917 524 7337.

Our interactive-savvy marketing communications studio-for-hire with an innovative, affordable model.

Shareholders choose their subscription level: half share, full share or share-and-a-half and receive a set amount of committed design, content and front-end resources on demand. DFFRNTshare clients get more done for less, month after month. For more information on this program, please email info@dffrntwrld.com or call our studio 917 524 7337.



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